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Wellcon Replens MD Vaginal Gel 8containers

Product code: 20678
Wellcon Replens MD Vaginal Gel 8containers

The vaginal dryness ( atrophic vaginitis ) is the result of the normal aging process .

It not only affects lovemaking , but often causes itching , irritation and pain . these common problems due to loss of natural moisture inside the vagina .

The gel Replens MD restores vital moisture .

The Replens MD is applied internally once every three days and provides continuous hydration and relief. The regular use contributes to the health of the bay.

You can increase or decrease the frequency of use of Replens MD, as needed , from once a week up to once a day .

The ready containers allow you to enter , subject to the rules of hygiene , the right amount of Replens MD exactly where needed in the vagina .


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