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Wellcon Pre Seed Personal Lubricant 40g

Product code: 21656
Wellcon Pre Seed Personal Lubricant 40g

PRE-SEED Fertility Lubricant 40g
Pre-Seed, vaginal lubricant friendly fertility , provides hydration to the vaginal area without affecting the fertility of the male sperm. Ideal for use when attempting pregnancy combats vaginal dryness .
The simple lubricants destroy sperm and can make it harder for fertilization and should not be used during pregnancy effort . The pre-seed is the ideal lubricant during the fertile days .
Instructions: Before sex fill the applicator with lubricant Pre-Seed and empty the contents inside the bay . Alternatively use as a tube , a small amount of starting and implementing appropriate . Easy to use.
Packaging : The Pre-Seed is packaged in a tube of 40ml, with 9 practitioners .


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