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Wellion Medfine Plus 5mm Insulin Pen Needles 31g 100pcs

Product code: 27834
Wellion Medfine Plus 5mm Insulin Pen Needles 31g 100pcs

Wellion MEDFINE insulin pen need comfort and safety as it is specially formulated to facilitate optimal treatment of diabetes. Optimum comfort with ultra-fine needle along with silicone coating for ease of penetration. The wider inner diameter ensures maximum insulin flow. Extremely fine Wellion MEDFINE insulin pen needles are available in different lengths to meet the needs of diabetic individuals.
The internal insulin pen needle shield has a specific color depending on the length of the needle, so the length of the needle is visible externally (color coding).
In diabetes education, the responsible medical staff together with insulin selects the ideal needle length.

Wellion MEDFINE plus insulin pen needles

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Read the instructions for using and selecting a proper needle.

Pack of 100 pieces


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