Wellion Verino Pro Sars-Cov-2 Ag Rapid Self Test 1pc

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Wellion Verino Pro Sars-Cov-2 Ag Rapid Self Test 1pc

Wellion Self Test Covid is an Austrian self test which detects covid in just 15 minutes taking a sample in 3 ways either by nose or nasopharynx.It is easy procedure that can be easily done by yourself.There is no need to go at microbiological laboratories.Sensitivity: 95, 04% & Clinical accuracy: 98.91%.

Wellion Self Test Covid 

  • It is an Austrian Product of Wellion
  • It can be used everywhere
  • Quick Result in just 15 minutes
  • Suitable for patients with symptoms and asymptomatics
  • Suitable for people who came in contact with people infected with covid
  • Suitable for those who work in a busy environments (eg.Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies)
  • Suitable for students, teachers and employees who work in crowded places
  • Sensitivity: 95.04%.
  • Accuracy: 98.91%.
  • The sample can be taken either from nose or from nasopharynx
  • One item in each package for security


Wellion Self Test Covid contains:

  • Sterile cotton bud to collect the nasopharyngeal sample
  • Bottle (vial) with actuator
  • Sample placement cassette with result display area
  • Plastic test tube where you can put the whole actuator
  • As soon as we dip the cotton bud into the actuator,close the test tube with the plastic cap 

How to use:

  • Open the cassette as soon as you check the expiration date
  • Open the actuator bottle and pour all its contents into the plastic test tube
  • Take the Cotton bud,place it in the nostril up to 2.5 cm, depending on the nose size,and then rotate it 5 times in one nostril and 5 times into the other 

For a Mouth Sample put the cotton bud close to the base of the tongue and rotate it 5 times

  • Put the cotton swap into the test tube and rotate it 5 times
  • wellion
  • Raise the cotton bud,by pressing in the middle of the test tube with both fingers and try to "drain" it,in order to let as much liquid as possible in the tube
  •  wellion
  • Close the test tube with the pump
  • wellion

    Pure 3 drops into the cassette

  • wellion

    Wait up to 15 sec



  • Positive test: 2 lines



  • Negative Test: 1 line


    Invalid Test : Second line below or no line shown