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Winmedica Sideral Forte 30caps

Product code: 29994
Winmedica Sideral Forte 30caps

Winmedica Sideral Forte for all iron deficiency cases

With SiderAL patented technology based on a structure of the liposomal type (with phospholipids, emulsifiers, fatty acid esters) containing iron.

With this technology achieved highest absorption of iron, without the usual side effects that are iron supplements in the gastrointestinal tract.

Thus a structure which is not in contact with the mucosa and passes unchanged through the gastrointestinal tract without permitting the iron to come into contact with the mucosa, thus achieve absorption in the small intestine and after the transfer of the lymphatic circulation liver and is the degradation of releasing iron in the body. The result is an increased iron bioavailability by 2.7 times compared with ferrous sulphate (according to clinical studies).

containing per capsule:
Iron 28mg
Ascorbic acid (vitamin) 70mg

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