About us

Here it is, the crazy Pharmacy4u.

When we were born ,22 years ago, everyone was saying we were crazy. 

Considering health as the most important thing in the world,

we believe that you need the best health experts, because you deserve it and 

you are the biggest treasure in Greece. 

Greeks found Hospitality for hunger and homelessness.

Greeks found Medicine for sickness.

Greeks found Science for people who wanted to learn

They found Art for people looking for beauty.

All these without asking for anything .

And they are proud of it!

How would world be without Greeks?

How would world be without crazy people?

How would world be without crazy Greeks?

If you believe, follow us !!

Store Details
Pharmacy Papadopoulos Panagiotis & SIA OE
G.E.M.i: 117853316000
Tax Number: 800352413
Operating License:19254/3-9-92  

22 December 1992

Tel: +30 2610 453757, +30 2610 461563
Fax: +30 2610 453757
Address: Giannitson 4
Patras, Greece