Product Returns

Due to the nature of the markets may not meet the expectations of the final recipient of the product of choice, lack of physical contact thereof with the purchased item. wanting to limit such situations care to present products with complete descriptions.So given the privilege of direct contact with the products available from your computer screen quickly and easily. Simultaneously, the call center and communication via email gives an extra way to know about the products featured.

Conditions Returns

Wishing, however, to cover more customers, to highlight the benefits of internet use in our daily markets we offer the possibility of returning goods to specific cases only. The cases are:

  • In cases where the products ordered have exceeded the expiration date.
  • In any case, selling the wrong product with proven fault of
  • In any case, sending the product of poor or defective quality proven fault of
  • In cases where there was a problem - a defect in a product covered by the warranty.

In these cases the client having received the product, he must return it within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt. In each case the products must be returned in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage to their packaging, accompanied by all documents and original documentary market. If the refund is made ​​within that time or does not meet any of the requirements, can not accept any return and replacement.

If the conditions and accepted return, the consumer is entitled to receive a credit note of equal value for another product/s or receive cash back if the purchase was made with cash. If the market had become a credit card transaction will be canceled and related information (credit) credit card.

   CAUTION: Before returning the product, you should contact us to let us know either by calling us or via email at

Procedures & How To Return

  1. In our physical store:
    In this case you can come to our pharmacy and one of our representatives will check the condition of the product and will serve you. If you wish to make a change in the product with another, we recommend you contact in advance to our store to confirm availability of the new product.
  2. Ship the product back:
    In this case you can send us the product/s using the following procedure. Initially you package your product/s in the same box in which you received your order. Inside the box place a document in which you mention the way you want to resolve the return issue, if the product is deemed able to return, or the new product you want to send you, in case of change and finally send the parcel through the courier agency from which you received your order, considered Returns Department.

Cost refunds

In case of fault of the cost of return is being covered from and the customer can choose if he wants the return of his money, credit memo equal value to buy another product or re-shipping.Also in this case the product is received from your place of our own transport company. In case of fault of the customer, the latter shall bear the costs of packaging and shipping.

Comments reserves the right to repeal or amend the return policy of publishing the relevant new terms and conditions on its website.

If repeated or refund or in case where, in its sole discretion, deems that the client is abusing the right of return or act in bad faith retains the right to refuse to return the product even if it fulfills the above terms and conditions.

If the product violates the terms of refunds and declared unfit to return, then it will be returned to the client. The transport will be borne by him.