Anemos Halva handmade, traditional, with natural gum in a box 200g

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Traditional, handmade sisamenios halva with natural mastic

Mastic halva kneaded by hand, with fibers that characterize the handmade halva. With all the nutrients of the original halva. Made in the traditional manner from traditional recipe halva containing tahini (ground sesame seeds), by adding natural mastic and mastic oil. Gourmet flavor, smooth texture, pure flavor!

Lenten halva with mastic.

The sesame seeds are rich in protein, vitamin B1, vitamin E and is rich in nutritive value. It also has powerful antioxidant properties, especially the mashed sesame tahini ie. A portion of halva (approx 80g) covers half of our daily needs in iron and phosphorus.


Traditional Halva with distinctive flavor characteristic of the natural gum.


No preservatives, no colors, no added flavor.


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