Asepta Gause pads Steril 15cmx30cm, 10pcs

Product Sku: 26511

Product information



Sterile gauze pads, simply cut and folded without internal defects (frills or fluff).
Made of 100% cotton yarn hydrophilic high quality and durability
Sterilized in accordance with international norms.
The packing paper patch is nonporous special type and the surface of which is printed sterilization indicator color change during the sterilization phase.
It is packaged in a box with visor for safer and better storage.
100% natural cotton

Instructions for use
Before opening the file make sure the indicator carry brick color. Otherwise, do not use the product. Open the folder by pulling both ends of the paper to reveal the gauze or tearing the envelope in the middle and pulling the paper from one side. Hold the gauze from the edge, discarding packaging and used immediately. Make sure your hands are always clean.

Store in a cool dry place with a maximum humidity of 60%

Package: Contains 10 pieces

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