Avene Compact Spf 50 Dore, 10g

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Compact Spf 50 Dore of Avene company.
With photoprotective cluster that combines the active pre-tocopheryl component with thermal water of Avene, it provides high protection and makeup for intolerant skins. Specifically Pre-tocopheryl, offers additional cell protection, while the thermal water of Avene, gives the product its soothing and anti-irritating properties. The Compact Spf 50, a golden hue, cover skin defects and makigiarei skin tans with difficulty. The product does not contain fragrance, chemical filter and paraben. SPF 50+, is particularly efficient to Uv radiation. Product water resistant, it is suitable for the area of ​​sensitive areas of the face, for light and sensitized skins. The Compact Spf 50 Dore company Avene, apply and easily absorbed, giving your skin a smooth and shiny texture.
Before any sun exposure, apply the Compact Spf 50 Dore company Avene, evenly to the skin.
Updated regularly applying the product in case of prolonged exposure and after each bath.
The photoprotective complex should not encourage you to be very exposed to the sun.
Avoid sun exposure between 12h and 16h.
Burns may be dangerous, especially for children.

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