Avene Spray SPF20 200ml

Product Sku: 3169

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Sunscreen spray of Avene moderate protection.

This spray that partially protects the delicate skin of the face and body of the spectrum of solar radiation (UVA rays and UVB) with SPF 20 (SPF 20, medium protection). It contains no preservatives and has confirmed UVA agreement with European recommendations. It is photostable 100%, while characterized by its resistance to water.

It has several advantages and multiple health benefits for sensitive skin. Apart from the direct effects which presents a reliable and quality product. It is the only product that combines active ingredients SunSitive protection, which has been achieved by the research of Pierre Fabre Group. Photoresist contains active ingredients that complement the action of the spray and guarantee the minimum quantity of chemical filters in the compositions.

Main components
are pre-tocopheryl, photostable promorio vitamin E protects the cells, and the thermal water Avene, which soothes the skin and suppresses irritation. The spray has a thin, invisible texture, no fat, which makes applying the spray very pleasant. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, without white traces.

The use of spray should be some time before your exposure to the sun. Refresh after every bath or if you stay long enough ektetheimmenoi the sun. Avoid sun exposure during midday hours from 12:00 to 16:00. Do not expose to direct sunlight infants and young children.

Contains 200 ml product.

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