Avent Classic Scf813 / 17 Feeding Bottle 260ml

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Airflex Feeding Bottle by Avent.

It is clinically proven to Bpa Free Airflex Feeding Bottle helps to reduce the occurrence of colic in newborns. This bottle uses the unique AVENT nipple with the patented ring. It features a unique valve that folds depending on the rate that eats your baby. Thus, the milk flows at a speed selected from the baby to overeating. By thus avoiding the creation of vacuum, preventing the ingestion of air and reducing the appearance occurs colic.

It has a curved shape that offers stability and comfort and an easy grip, while the open neck facilitates cleaning and filling. Thanks to the domed lid, the nipple is covered safely without the risk of leaks or inputs, while ensuring a safe trip without requiring separate sealing discs.

Sleep and nutrition are important for health and your baby''s wellbeing. According to a randomized clinical trial, it was realized that the design of the bottle affects the behavior of babies. As proved, the Avent Bpa Free Airflex bottle leads to a reduction of crying 28 minutes a day compared to another bottle, which was particularly evident during the night.

We provide clear indications on the bottle that allow you to make precise measurements of quantity and allow you to track how much has eaten your baby. Without Bpa. Does not wear easily.

Available in single package, which allows you to fill the bottle with 260 ml of product.