Avent Cup with Stuff SCF796/01 Blue/Red (9m+) 200ml

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The Philips Avent cup with a rounded shape Bendy Bowl is the right choice for active infants in the growth phase and allows for healthy oral growth.
♦ The lower part of the straw is bent so that the straw reaches with ease in the liquid to allow your child to drink naturally and for easy use until the last sip
♦ The straw has a built-in valve with leakage protection. The hinged lid provides protection against the straw and prevents any leaks on the move.
♦ Few components - easy to assemble and clean (can be washed in the dishwasher)
♦ The Philips Avent Bendy Cup is compatible with both Philips Avent (except glass bottles) Natural and Classic + bottles, as well as the entire range of cups (except for the infant cup).
♦ The Philips Avent Bendy Bowl Bowl promotes healthy oral growth and exerts oral muscles, improving oral strength.
♦ Soft straw and ergonomic handles - ideal for infants

Cup with Bendy Straw.
Age: 9 months +
Capacity: 200ml / 7oz

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

1 piece

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