Avent pacifiers UltraAir SCF345/22 6-18m - pink, 2pcs

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With the Avent Ultra Air Pacifier, with 4 extremely large air vents, the lightweight protector is specially designed for maximum airflow to keep your baby''s sensitive skin dry while your baby calms down.
♦ 4 Extra Large air vents
Ultra Air soother allows optimum airflow to breathe your infant''s sensitive skin
♦ The skin stays drier while your baby calms down
Your baby''s skin remains drier as it calms down, thanks to the design of this soother that breathes with optimum airflow.
♦ Rounded edges to easily soothe your baby
The Ultra Air Protector is lightweight and has rounded edges for your baby''s comfort.
♦ Silky nipple for comfort and relaxation
The Silky silicone nipple of this soother soothes and reassures the baby.
♦ Designed for normal oral development
Thanks to its symmetrical shape it respects the teeth, the palate and the gums of your baby as it grows.
♦ Safe and easy sterilization in a microwave oven
With the carrying case you can sterilize the pacifier in the microwave and store it in a healthy way when you are not at home.
♦ Manufactured in our award-winning facilities in the United Kingdom you can be sure that the comfort of your little boy is in good hands. This pacifier is manufactured in the award-winning Avent facilities in the United Kingdom.


pacifiers, 6-18 months, for baby girl (Pink)

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