Avent Scf080/08 Orthodontic Silicone Pacifier With Animal, 6-18 months 2pcs

Product Sku: 2730

Product information



Silicone pacifiers with animals.

It is ventilated with high elasticity nipples with perfectly symmetrical design, which helps to properly develop the system on the palate, gums and teeth, even if the pacifier twirls into your baby''s mouth. Unlike classic company pacifiers Philips Avent, the vented teats can be sterilized with steam. Each pacifier has a cover, which protects, snaps and retains sterilizing, until use. Moreover, each link has a pacifier safety. Available in twin pack in an elegant case.

Many babies tend to suck their thumb before they are born, others then put their fingers in their mouths. So, if you have noticed that your baby calm while sucking his finger, it would give him a pacifier, which has a calming effect. Its use during the first year of your child''s life is considered reasonable, and does not create problems in the first teeth. Aimed at babies aged 6-18 months.

Advantages Soother:

Has calming role, giving calm your baby.
It contributes to a temporary posting of your baby''s attention to special cases, for example during a blood test.
It helps your baby to sleep.
Reassure your baby during a flight, which causes concern because of the air pressure changes.