Avent Scf135 / 06, Milk Powder Container

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Container Milk Powder 3 isomers from Avent.

This container is suitable for storing 3 pre-measured doses of milk powder in separate compartments. When it''s time to feed your baby, shake out the dust in the bottle with parboiled cool water. May remove the inner part and use it as a bowl or container.
With removable inner part: allows you to convert it to a usable cup. Ideal for travel, fit enough milk powder for three meals. Capable of sterilization, and all parts of the container placed in a microwave oven and a dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning. With materials that do not contain BPA.
The Avent, cares for the environment and society. That is why we actively support the ecological design of products.
Those responsible for the construction of substitute baby milk, are the meals prepared every time you feed your baby, so that there is no case to spoil the milk when out.

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