Avent Scf631 / 27 Silicone Nipples Classic + For Infants, 0m + 1 Hole, 2pcs

Product Sku: 2708

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Anti-colonic nipple with a hole.

Thanks to Philips Avent nipples, your baby has control of the flow of milk to drink, so overeating and not "taking" food. The unique valve is stretched, which drives the air into the bottle and not into your baby''s tummy, allowing him to enjoy healthy, active food intake and reducing colic and discomfort. This is achieved because the valve folds depending on the rate that eats your baby.

Sleep and nutrition are important for health and your baby''s wellbeing. According to a randomized clinical trial, it was realized that the design of the bottle affects the behavior of the infant. Your baby''s crying is reduced by 28 minutes per day. This is most evident during the night.

Offered four (4) different flow rates to keep pace with your growing baby. Age indications are approximate, as the growth rate varies from baby to baby. All nipples are available in packs of two (2).

The nipple is made of silicone, a material not containing Bpa.

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