Avent Scf633/27 Silicone Nipples 3 Hole (3m +), 2 Pcs

Product Sku: 2709

Product information



Silicone nipples with three holes.
It''s nipple with a unique, patented system ring protruding below the base and features a one-way air valve.
This valve because of constriction and dilation which does so, leaving the air to enter the bottle and replace the milk out, at a rate similar to that made breastfeeding,
Thus neutralizing any vacuum is created.
Your baby now has the ability to breastfeed continuously, just as with the chest, without requiring you to take breaths every so often.
During breastfeeding, sounds a light hiss. The whistle it is nothing more than a little assurance that the air enters the bottles rather than in your baby''s tummy.
During breastfeeding, your baby swallows a certain quantity of air. The air that may be the cause of creating quite a stir and concern, that becomes your baby.
Still, there is a chance to start to cry. These reactions are nothing other than the symptoms of colic pains you have your baby. Suitable for babies aged three months.

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