Binis, Practic Gloves Latex Medium 100 Pcs

Product Sku: 23360

Product information



Medical examination latex gloves Practic, useful to every doctor and pharmacist. The package contains 100 pieces of gloves, intended for single use only. The uniform light powdering them (with finely powdered absorbent powder USP), doing simple insertion permissible and export. Due to their high elasticity, it is particularly resistant against tearing. Fits the human hand and offer excellent tactile feel. These are high quality gloves, non sterile. They give the possibility to be worn from both sides (A bilateral), offering savings. The examination gloves of Practic, no seams and provide their users with reliable protection from pathogens and pathogens that are resistant and very dangerous for the human body.
PRECAUTIONS: Use powder although limited in the product, however users should decide whether you need to remove or not.