Blanx White Shock Instant White, 50ml

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The BlanX white Shock Instant White is the first toothpaste that whitens your teeth when you smile! The BlanX White Shock includes in its unique composition the Actilux, a pantetarismeno material whose bleach and antibacterial action is activated even by simple light! The microcrystals containing the Actilux after each brushing are bound to the tooth enamel. With every smile, the light activates the microcrystals of Actilux, making your teeth whiter, protecting the parallel from caries gingivitis and other diseases of the teeth and gums. For more immediate and better results you can combine it with the special led BlanX lamp, which is contained in the packs BlanX White Shock 50ml.
No peroxide.
Without: parabens (preservatives), peroxide (peroxide) and PEG (polyethylene glycol)

toothpaste, whitening and antibacterial action, plaque, caries.

For dental use only.
Store the BlanX white Shock Instant White in a shady and cool (15-25C) place, away from children.
Do not use after 12 months after the first opening.

50 ml