Caudalie Draining Organic Herbal Tea 20sachets

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Caudalie Draining Organic Herbal Tea 20 sachets

Indications: decoction, herbal mixture for slimming

This organic culture decoction from Caudalie assists in removing water from the tissues and therefore the slimming.
A delicious apsepsima 100% organic, created exclusively for Vinotherapie Spas. Accelerate the elimination of water and toxins for an immediate sensation of wellbeing.

Certified organic products (organic farming), derived from organic agriculture, Ecocert certified by FR-BIO-01.

Instructions for use: put a sachet the decoction in boiling water for 5 minutes or put 3 tea bags in 1.5 liters of water, hot or cold. Enjoy it during the day.

* red vine, blackcurrant * raspberry *, sweet orange peel * cinnamon *
* biological culture

For external use only
Keep RCaudalie Draining Organic Herbal Tea in a cool and shady place away from children.

barcode 3522930000853

Made in France.

CONTENTS 20 sachets

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