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Chicco Comfort Silicone Pacifier 0-6 months pink-grey, 2 pcs


Pacifiers Comfort with orthodontic nipple and eyelet that gives maximum comfort. Developed in collaboration with orthodontic specialists
-Ergonomic design
Leaves enough space on the baby''s nose and jaw, for better breathing and movement.
-Large space in the position of the nipple
With large area around the base of the nipple to allow when sucking the proper movement of the lips.
-Discreet grip
The pacifier is based on just 4 spots on the baby''s face, making it particularly discreet
-Sterilized pouch
Suitable for rides and trips
-Silicone Nipple
Silicone is a healthy and transparent material, without aroma and without taste, which is not altered with the passage of time.
-Contributes to the correct position of the language.
-Correct distribution of pressure in the maxilla for the proper development of the mouth and teeth.
-Small base for better lip closure.

Silicone pacifier, 0-6 months old.

2 pieces of

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