Darphin Soleil Plaisir, Sun Protecting Cream For Face, Spf50 50ml

Product Sku: 24089

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Sunscreen cream Darphin company.

The Darphin Soleil Sun Face Cream SPF 50 recommends cream, you can use it on your face to protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun''s UVA and UVB, having SPF 50. It allows you to enjoy the warmth of the sun without fear, without worry about burns or embarrassing redness.

Smooths first aging lines and wrinkles, while avoiding the creation of dark spots and skin faults. Contains precise mixing precious Karanja oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which maintain soft and youthful skin and a shine and brightness, reminiscent of adolescence.

It has very silky texture and distinctive aroma, "awakens" the senses. It is dermatologically tested product, to avoid allergic reactions. We participate in creating blackheads. It is water resistant and non-greasy. It contains no parabens.

How to use: Pour a small quantity of the cream Darphin Soleil Sun Face Cream SPF 50 in your palm and spread uniformly across the surface of your facial skin. Suitable for outdoor use. For use in children under 6 years of age, ask the advice of your doctor. Reapply the amount regularly especially after swimming, toweling or sweating.

The package contains 50 ml of sunscreen face Darphin Soleil Sun Face Cream SPF 50.