Duracell 3v 1m 2025, 2pcs

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Lithium batteries Duracell 3volt 2025 in monetary form.

The great interest in development of rechargeable batteries made it necessary for the production of lithium batteries with higher energy capacity and longer cycle life.

For several years, the only suitable batteries from wireless communications in laptops were those created by nickel-cadmium. Interest in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries began in early 1990. The effort to attract the interest of customers was great. Nowadays, the battery chemistry of lithium ions are rapidly growing and promising.

Lithium is the lightest of all metals, has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides the largest energy density. The energy density of lithium-ion is twice that of nickel-cadmium. The characteristics of the load is quite well in terms of discharge behaves similar to that of nickel-cadmium.

Guaranteed long-term effect.

Without mercury.

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