Elgydium Eludril Care 500ml

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Mouthwash 0.05% chlorhexidine without alcohol. With the combination and interaction of two known active ingredients in dentistry, the Cetylpyridiniumchloride (CPC) and chlorhexidine * The EludrilCARE achieves a better efficacy against bacteria and plaque, the main cause of gum disease.
Thanks to this optimized performance of these two components the EludrilCARE achieves very good results without affecting the bacterial flora of the natural tooth color and flavor. The Eludril Care mouthwash helps fight bacterial plaque **, prevents redness, swelling and minor bleeding of the gums. Can be used after periodontal surgery or implants.
Does not contain sugar and alcohol, cleans and protects your mouth maintaining the normal balance of oral flora and can be used by people suffering from diabetes. With optimized tolerance. For optimal oral hygiene. * (Chlorhexidine is an established Dentistry antimicrobial agent that effectively fights the bacteria found in plaque and stone.
Specific and long-lasting action ensures the hygiene of the mouth and gums, allowing them to regain their normal pink color). ** (Bacterial plaque is a film formed on the tooth surfaces after each meal, which quickly colonized by hundreds of germs, for which the food waste are excellent growth factor. If the bacterial plaque is not completely removed by brushing, develops within a few days in stone, with limescale adhering firmly to the tooth enamel. presence of bacterial plaque undermines the health of the gums and cause irritation, redness and gingival bleeding, symptoms are accompanied by itching and pain).

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