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Elgydium Kids against caries with banana fragrance, for better protection of deciduous teeth of children 2-6 years and consequently more healthy permanent teeth.

Decay constant threat to the teeth
Without brushing, caries bacteria grow on the surface of the deciduous as well as permanent teeth. These bacteria convert the sugars attached to food acids that can damage the enamel. Gradually the enamel becomes deficient in minerals and allows the cavities to move inside the tooth, creating a cavity. Beware though tooth decay is not always visible.
Regular oral hygiene with a toothpaste suitable for the child''s age, it is recommended to ensure effective protection against the risk of caries.

A toothpaste gel with Fluorinol suitable for children 2-6 years.
The Elgydium Kids against caries with banana flavor specially designed to protect the enamel of primary teeth of children 2-6 years with the right concentration of fluoride (500ppm fluoride). The Fluorinol, a fluorinated amine second generation, quickly and strongly bound to the enamel of the teeth from the first minute of brushing. Combined with Siliglykoli the Fluorinol remains for hours in contact with the enamel contributing to enhanced protection of teeth against caries.

Do not use 6 months after opening
Content: Tube 50 ml

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