Evdermia Palmogen Multi Caps 30 caps

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Evdermia Palmogen Multi Caps 30 caps

Evdermia Palmogen Multi Caps 30 capsules food supplement with isoflavones and capsaicin that strengthens hair and reduce hairloss.
Evdermia Palmogen Multi Caps 30 capsules contains ingredients such as soya isoflavones, capsaicin, folic acid, biotin and selenium which enhance hair's health and their normal condition  At the same time it contains Vitamin C, Iron and Vitamin D

Content per cap:

Soya isoflavones :75mg

Vitamin C : 80mg

Iron :14mg

Zinc :10mg

Saw Palmetto Extract :10mg

Capsaicin :3mg

Folic Acid :0,2mg

Biotin : 0,1mg

Selenium :0,055mg

Vitamin D :0,025mg

Dosage :

1 cap per day with the meal oraccording to the doctor's advise 

Ingredients :

Vitamin C, Isoflavones from Soya , Iron, Zinc, Saw Palmetto Extract, Capsaicin , folic acid ,biotin,selenium, vitamin D, Microcrystalline Cellulose, hard Vegeable Capsule 

Attention :

Don't exceed the recommended dose. Keep it in dry and cool place away from children. Don't receive it in case of pregnancy, breast feeding or receiving special medication ,unless you consult your doctor. The product is not intended for the prevention, treatment or cure of human disease.

EOF Notification Number : 122638/6-12-2021 

Package -Content

30 caps 

Made in Greece 


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