Fadopharm Bio Mask Superidratante FACE MASK SINGLE USE / Ultra-moisturizing

Product Sku: 11090

Product information



Mask for moisturizing face (disposable).

The Bio Mask Superidratante is designed to ensure effectively dehydrated skin of the face. Impregnated heavily with plant extracts with emollient and moisturizing properties and a complex of hyaluronic acid, totally vegetable, and marine collagen. This complex contributes significantly to increase the skin''s elasticity. Tightens the skin and combats dryness, which is considered typical of a dry and dehydrated skin.

The placement of the mask Bio Mask Superidratante your face helps to hydrate, keeping in balance the moisture of the skin and effectively addressing the disturbing sensation of the skin, which "pulls". Your skin glows and vitality, seen, and bursting with health and wellness. The dry and dehydrated skin nourishes and gives it rich moisture for a long time.

The mask is disposable and you can apply it to your face for weekly grooming. You will quickly notice the skin of your face to be rebuilt and reconstructed. The results are immediate and valid. More vigorous implementation can be done after your prolonged exposure to the sun or the cold and wind, where your skin is dehydrated and suffering more and more quickly.