Fadopharm Laxfruit Probiotic Granelli

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Fadopharm Laxfruit Probiotic Granelli

Fadopharm Laxfruit Probiotic Granelli food supplement for constipation with herbal ingredients and probiotics that help the proper functioning of the intestine.

This is an absolute natural product with probiotics and fiber, which contributes to good and proper bowel function and maintaining the microflora balance.
Its composition includes substances such as cassia leaf powder, plane seed powder, hubarb root powder, cichon bark powder, clove fruit powder, cinnamon bark powder, lactobacilli, which swell the food and help prevent problems in the body.
Constipation is the most common disorder of the digestive system. Essentially, the term constipation means changing the normal function of the intestine of a human. Every man, however, describes different this phenomenon. The reasons that cause constipation are many and varied. For example, constipation show who do not consume enough calories and enough fluids, those fed with foods low in fiber, those who integrate sport in their daily lives and those taking medication, which causes constipation in the body. The problem of constipation can make various complications in the organism, such as rectal prolapse, creating and embedding Coprolite, fissures ring and creating hemorrhoids or deterioration thereof.
Use: 1 gram with a cap of water 
The package contains 50 grams of product.

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