FFP3 Masks Without Valve Diptych With Certification 1piece

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FFP3 Masks Without Valve Diptych With Certification 5 pieces
FFP3 Masks Without Valve Diptych 1 piece with Certified by FDA (American Drug Agency) CE 0370 and by the European Authorities according to the European directive EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 (DIRECTIVE REGULATION EU 2016/425)

FFP3 Masks Without Valve

  • For Professional Use
    It has higher protection than the FFP1 and FFP2 Masks
    With 99% Microorganism Filter Dynamics (FFP2 Filters 95%, & FFP1 80%)
    With Protection at the highest levels and hazard of dust such as chemical, pharmaceutical, asbestos and other hazardous environments
    In a package of 1 piece
    Way of use
    For Proper Use We pay attention to the plate of the nose and with both hands to adjust it to have a perfect, comfortable fit and good sealing
    Always do an application check (close the mask with both hands and inhale sharply. If we find air leakage around our nose we readjust the nose plate
    When we feel that we can no longer breathe we throw it away and take another



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