Froika Hyaluronic Silk Touch Sunscreen Spf30 40ml

Product Sku: 24447

Product information



Froika Silk Touch Sunscreen SPF30, high protection sun cream (UVA - UVB) SPF spf30, is a new product kallyntikotechnikis form, with lovely, silky texture, not greasy.

Contains hyaluronic acid thus provides lasting hydration, even in the deeper layers of the skin.
It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines of the skin.

The Froika Silk Touch Sunscreen containing ingredients such Indanone, Ethyl Ferulate & Carnosid, with strong properties against damages caused to the skin by exposure to sunlight (action against free radicals, protects the stem cells, the DNA, provides protection against premature aging and photoaging).

It is a special packaging airless so since it is contacted with air and microorganisms, has a longer lifetime, not mediated oxidations and leaves no residues after use

The composition of Froika Silk Touch Sunscreen composition is photostable and has high resistance to water and sweat.

Instructions for use
Apply sunscreen to the face, 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Renew each time you exit the water, wipe or where they have spent two hours of continuous exposure.

It contains no paraben.
Packaging: 40ml

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