Froika Ultralift Cream Eyes 15ml

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Ultralift Eye Cream 15ml

Indications: Wrinkles, dark circles, bags

Eye contour cream with hyaluronic acid provides the skin visible effect permanent liftng.
Ideal for cases of wrinkles and expression lines, puffiness under the eyes, dark skin relaxation cycles perigramamtos loss in the eyes.

Key ingredients & benefits
♦ Cell cultivation of Alpine edelweiss plant thanks to the strengthening and improvement of the connective tissue of the skin provides long-term tightening, while anti-wrinkle action.
♦ combination of protein of high molecular weight polysaccharides ligting immediate results.
♦ A combination of hyaluronic acid, flavonoids, and bioactive peptides discolor dark circles and simultaneously enhance lymphatic pumping.

Features airless packaging for the full protection of the product (no contact with the air or microorganisms, longer life without oxidation, contaminants and residues after use).

Apply to clean, dry skin all over the area around the eyes morning and evening. Insisting particularly on areas where there is the problem.