Froika Z-Plus Milk 200ml Body Lotion

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Body Lotion for Dry and Atopic Skin.

Moisturizing, emollient lotion. Daily care of dry and atopic skin.

Special recommendation of fat phase with vegetable oils, shea butter, phytosterols, which replenish the lipid deficit and enhance the protective ability of the skin against moisture loss and external attacks irritants or allergens. Conjunction mild antibacterial Octoxyglycerine & Caprylyl Glycol with a broad and effective action. Soothing, healing, moisturizing ingredients such as oxidizers and Oats, bisabolol, Pantheloli and Vitamin E.

Contains: Omega 3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids (Vitamin F), for the restoration of intracellular cohesion of the skin and anti-inflammatory action. Vitamin B3 stimulates synthesis of lipids, sterols, steroids in the skin by boosting defense mechanisms of atopic skin.


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