HairPlasis Dying Lotion With Organic Extracts 5N Blonde

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Hair Plasis dying lotion with organic extracts

Natural synthesis

Hair Plasis is the first natural Greek dying lotion, enriched with organic extracts of camomile*, calendula*, mastic, orange*, horse chestnut*, wheat*.
The use of the Hair Plasis protects, nutrients and strengthens your hair with its rich natural ingredients.

Ecological synthesis

Hair Plasis is friendly to human nature since it does not contain a series of toxic ingredients, such as: ammonia, resorcinol, silicones, parabens, nonoxynol, S.L.S, methylisotiazolinone, methychloroisotiazolinone. Furthermore, Hair Plasis is produced in an environmental friendly way.

Ideal for persons sensitive to common hair dyes who suffer from allergies, headaches, dry skin, hair loss and irritation.

It is recommended to everyone who desires to preserve beautiful hair, with respect to their health and the environment.

Available in 20 excellent colors.

Offers perfect cover to grey hair, long-lasting color, shine and softness, without irritations.

* product from certified organic cultivation


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