Hei Poa Monoi Oil Tahiti Nacres OR 100ml

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Hei Poa Monoi Oil Tahiti Nacres OR 100ml

Monoi Oil with pearls of golden pearls, scented with Tiare flowers. It leaves the skin an iridescent effect.

It gives a subtle shine and deeply moisturize the skin. It can be made use of and during the sun with sunscreen. It contains in its composition 91% Monoi oil from Tahiti, which moisturizes and nourishes. It is non-allergenic and contains no preservatives.

Instructions for use
Build: Make the entire body gently massage into dry or wet skin.
Hair: In dry or damp hair massage, leave for 15-20 '', proceed to shampooing and then rinse. Otherwise, apply on hair ends small amount after shampooing. Not required in this case rinsing.
Because Monoi is a natural product rich in fatty acids solidifies at a temperature below 24 ° C. So to enjoy its benefits even in winter, leave the bottle for a short time under running hot water to return to original form in order to take advantage of all its properties.

Content: 100 ml

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