Helenvita Baby Cotton Buds 50Pcs

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Helenvita Baby Cotton Buds, made of 100% pure cotton of superior quality. They are highly secure due to their special shape and are ideal for daily hygiene and care for children.

Safety pads for babies

Instructions for use
Keep the child''s head firmly and carefully clean the outer surface of the ear with the cotton swab. Do not push the cotton swab to the ear canal to avoid serious damage to the ear drum and acoustic pores.

For external use only.
If you push the cotton puds* towards the ear canal you can cause serious damage such as Damage to the ear canal, bleeding, Membrane rupture, ear infection, etc.
Keep in well-sealed containers to protect them from dust.
Keep helenvita baby safety blankets in a shady and cool place, away from children.

* small and delicate graf at both ends of cotton, used to clean the ears

Pack of 50 pieces.

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