Lacteeze Enzyme Lactase drops 7ml

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Lacteeze Enzyme Lactase drops 7ml

Drops LACTEEZE ideal ca cleavage lactose milk liquid form products (eg. Fresh milk, milk powder, condensed milk, breast milk, infant milk powder (formulation), creams, chocolate milk, and any other fluid milk product).

The drops were added to the liquid containing lactose to make the cleavage thereof.

Adding to LACTEEZE of milk gives a slightly sweet taste is affected without the nutritional value of milk.
The package is: 7ml (capable of splitting lactose per ≈30 liters of milk)

Source lactase: Saccromyces
Additional Information:

♦ Does not contain preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, gluten, dairy, medicines
♦ Safe during pregnancy
♦ Once opened, keep refrigerated
♦ Do not freeze or heat at high temperatures
♦ Do not use if safety seal broken
♦ Keep away from children

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