Lamberts Vegan DHA 250mg 60 caps

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Lamberts Vegan DHA 250mg 60 caps

Lamberts Vegan DHA 250mg 60 capsules for strict vegetarians & those allergic to fish, to cover the absolutely necessary DHA Ω-3 fatty acid for the normal functions of the brain & vision, which unfortunately the body does not produce but must hire from the food
Lamberts Vegan DHA
For those with a diet poor in DHA (vegans, vegetarians)
For those allergic to fish who cannot get Omega-3 fats from their food
For those who have a poor diet in Omega-3
Extremely Necessary for Normal Brain Functioning
Absolutely Necessary for the Normal Function of Vision
Lamberts Vegan DHA a source rich in algae covers the body's need for DHA, which the body does not produce but must be absorbed from food
Lamberts Vegan DHA
1 capsule a day with a meal
It is absorbed by the body in less than 60 minutes
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
British Product
It is manufactured according to the strict protocols of Pharmaceutical GMP *(EU) no. 101363/23-08-2109
With EOF Notification Number: 101363/23-08-2109