Lamed Waterproof Adhesive Membrane with Pad, 5Pcs

Product Sku: 30802

Product information



Waterproof Lamed adhesive film with s tab suitable for covering and protecting any type of trauma, even when they come into contact with water . Sterile
High absorption

Waterproof adhesive film with pads

Instructions for use

Clean and dry the injured area.
Open the folder and remove the supporting wrapping paper.
Place the Lamed suffix centrally over the injured area.
Press the edges of the patch firmly.
Change the suffix as often as needed, at least once a day.

Available in the following dimensions, you select below


nbsp;     DIMENSIONS             SHRED/PACK
5cm x 7.5cm 5
6cm x 8cm 5
10cm x 10cm 5
10cm x 12cm 5
10cm x 15cm 5
10cm x 20cm 5
10cm x 25cm 5
5cm x 7.5cm 50
6cm x 8cm 50
10cm x 10cm 50
10cm x 12cm 50
10cm x 15cm 50
10cm x 20cm 50
10cm x 25cm 50
10cm x 30cm 50



For external use only.
Make sure that the product is stored in a cool and dry place and that the expiry date has not passed.
If the folder is open, do not use the suffix.
Make sure your hand is clean.
use each suffix only once.

Content - Packaging
Each pack contains 5 patches.