Luminous Tri-Actif

Product Sku: 1512

Product information



The intensive skin lightening, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing night treatment An intensive skin lightening, anti-wrinkle night cream essential to complete your 24hr treatment. All actives are formulated in a way to offer sustained release to your skin during the whole night. Its advanced formula contains: - pure a-Arbutin; a renowned plant derived whitening agent able to fade away any skin hyperpigmentation or discoloration and lighten up your complexion - slow-released Retinol encapsulated in marine collagen microspheres; the most effective anti-wrinkling agent today microencapsulated in a sophisticated delivery system - slow-released Vitamin C encapsulated in biopolymer microspheres, offering the most effective protection of the sensitive Vitamin C molecules able to both lighten and protect skin from aging. Liminous Tri-Actif will help you preserve a spotless, younger-looking skin and brighten up you complexion.