Marvifarm Mo -Free Ιnsect Repellent Band

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The Mo-Free is a new product that provides a shield against mosquitoes and midges.
The duration of Mo-Free action, after opening the package is up to 200 hours. Thanks to a resealable packaging features can prolong the effect when it is not used. As an alternative way of protecting the bracelet place in a point in space that is not accessible to young children.

Precautions for use:
Avoid contact of the bracelet with the eyes and mouth.
Necessary parental supervision for children over 2 years.
Do not use in children under 2 years.
If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show the label.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and immediately seek a doctor''s advice.
Antidote: No specific antidote, symptomatic treatment follow.

It is easy to use
One size fits all

Caution: This product does not have a color option.

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