Medico liquid tank 24h, 2.5Lt

Product Sku: 23787

Product information



24-hour urine tank of Medico company.

The drainage bag with two screw caps security offers complete sealing minimizing the risk of leakage. The blue lid in the center of the container, appropriate for the introduction of urine, while the yellow cap to extract urine from the container. Designed for 24-hour urine collection, necessary for tests that require 24-hour monitoring of urine. With ergonomic carrying handle. For even easier use in moving, designed an additional carrying handle. The urine collection container has a capacity of 2.5 liters or contains volumetric graduation. Above the container is designed with visible and tactile markings, a type dispenser, which shows you the amount of urine you have collected. Prepared by the company medico, with high quality raw materials, non-toxic and high anthetikotitas and strength.
On the lid may write the name of the patient and the chamber in which hospitalized in order to faster service both the patient and the nursing staff. Also, with this caption reduce chances mix containers of patients.

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