Medico Syrup Bottle 60ml

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Medico Syrup bottle 60ml

Glass bottle ideal to save syrups, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, essential oils, fragrances, chemicals and the need to remain chemically unchanged thanks to the unique property of glass* not interact with chemicals.

*The glass packaging offers the best protection for chemical, food, oils and drinks keeps the good stuff in and the bad out, without needing any chemical additive.
It acts as a natural filter bacteria and helps reduce the lesions content by changes in ambient temperature because it does not interact with the content protected.
Inert, impermeable and a natural product which is not altered. Because it is inert, it does not interact and does not absorb impurities when contacted therewith. All these make the healthiest packaging material. Thus widely used in laboratories and in the pharmaceutical and medical applications, because it protects the contents of chemical and biological interactions.

Thanks to the molecular structure, the glass is impermeable to oxygen. Ingredients like vitamins and flavor retained unaltered for a long time.
Glass is 100% natural and pure product made of three materials: sand, soda ash and marble. It is free from toxic chemicals and thus not harmful to the environment and human health.
Empty bottles sold
Dimension - Capacity: 60 ml

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