Medisana Air, Air Purifiers

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Create your space a pleasant atmosphere in your space with the device Medisana Air.
Relieves air from dust, eliminates odors and protects against bacteria.
At the heart of MEDISANA AIR is an antibacterial particle filter from 3M and an additional carbon filter.
The MEDISANA AIR works on the convection principle and promote the exchange of air.
Features LED light which indicates that the air is filtered and gives an indication if the filter performance deteriorates or if the filter must be changed (namely blue indicator: normal operation, amber indicator: reduced function, red light: filter change).
It has a quiet, durable and energy-efficient digital motor that allows the air purifier cleans:
> For air volume 60m2 24-hour (inside buildings)
> For air volume 20m2 to three times every 24 hours.
Caution: The MEDISANA AIR is air purifier and is NOT IONISTIS

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