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Multi-Mam Lanolin protects against stretch marks and strengthens the tissues in the area of ​​the nipple. Lanolin is a traditional way to soothe dehydrated or dry skin. Multi-Mam Lanolin contains high-purity lanolin of medical type, which replaces the lipid layer of the epidermis.
♦ Provides protection to nipples before and during breastfeeding.
♦ Prevents stretch marks and keeps the skin soft, supple and healthy.
♦ Replaces and supplements the natural oiliness of the skin removed from breastfeeding. ♦ Neutral taste and odor, which does not alter the feeling of the nipple in the infant.
♦ No need to remove it before breastfeeding

Nursing care for nursing mothers
, natural greasy skin, stretch marks.

Multi-Mam Lanolin can be used throughout the day, whenever appropriate. For maximum protection, apply after breastfeeding.
Minimal application twice a day.
Wash your hands and nipples with lukewarm water, wipe gently, soften a small amount of Multi-Mam Lanolin between your fingers and apply to the entire area of ​​the nipples. It may be helpful to gently press the tube or warm it with your hands before use. It is not necessary to remove it before breastfeeding.

For external use only.
Keep them in a shady, cool place, away from children.

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30 ml

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