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The FRISO range of milk contains enriched powdered milk for babies, infants and pre-school children. They have specially designed compositions for the nutritional needs of all ages and are perfectly harmonized with National and European Legislation and are produced under strict specifications. Frisolac milk powder is indicated for infants from birth to the 6th month. It fully covers the specific nutritional needs of infants and provides quantitatively and qualitatively all the necessary nutrients (vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids, etc.) for their healthy development. The new Friso upgraded line with its specially designed safety lid provides ease and precision when preparing the meal and better hygienic and storage conditions of the cuff.

Baby milk in powder
Infants from birth to 6th month

Breast milk is the best food for the infant.
In case maternal breastfeeding is not feasible or insufficient, the pediatrician''s instructions on how to administer / use breast milk substitutes should be followed.


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