Otosan Ear Cone

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Otosan Ear Cone

Otosan Ear Cone is an effective method of cleansing the auditory cavity through thermoacoustic therapy. Through the combustion of the cone the heat penetrates into the acoustic cavity softening absorbing the cell like a chimney.

Τhe Otosan Ear Cone is enriched with propolis. Through the heat generated by the burning of the cone, you effectively removes the wax from the ears. This reduces problems such as buzzing, whistling, noise, hearing loss or clogged ears.

  • Comfortable in use 
  • Safe
  • Effective

Use :

Apply the thin part of the cone inside the Comfy. Insert the protective disc up to the silver ring, with the silver sideon the top. Light the wide part of the cone.Place your head  in a lateral and horizontal position and apply the cone with Comfy vertically and gently to the ear.
As soon as the flame reaches the silver ring, remove the cone and extinguish it in a glass of water.


The use of the cone should always be done with the help of a person. The Otosan cleaning cone should be used in an area without air. Do not use in children under 3 years Store in a dry and cool place

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2 cones

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