Pharmaline Venolen Plus 20 tabs

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Pharmaline Venolen Plus 20 tabs


Indications: Dietary Supplement, Relief swollen veins and Haemorrhoids


The Venolen Plus is a nutritional supplement designed to relieve the hemorrhoids and the swollen veins.

It contains a combination of troxeroutini, Diosmin, vitamin C and horse chestnut extract.

These ingredients improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, help maintain the health and integrity of the venous system and stimulate the hemorrhoidal plexus.

The Venolen Plus is a natural ally to fight the symptoms of hemorrhoids.



1 tablet daily Pharmaline Venolen Plus


Active ingredients per tablet:

Diosmin 300 mg

Troxerutin 300 mg

Horse chestnut bark titrated 100 mg

Vitamin C 25 mg



Keep Pharmaline Venolen Plus cool and dry place away from children.

Do not use without medical advice: Pregnant, lactating women receiving medication, children.


Content: 20 capsules

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