PharmaQ Athomer baby nasal aspirator nasal aspirator 3pcs

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Athomer baby nasal aspirator nasal aspirator 3pcs

The Athomer baby nasal aspirator is a healthy, practical, sure and economic nasal aspirator, 3 reusable nozzles. Hygienic, practical and easy to use, the nasal aspirator Athomer baby, can help your baby to breathe more easily when nasal secretions. It is economical and easily adapts to your baby''s nostril, and are available with three spare tips from silicone which is reusable.

Instructions for use :
Apply by placing the nozzle tip in your baby''s nostril, then the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale gently. To remove the mucus from the device blow from the mouth thoroughly wiping the nozzle with a tissue or a soft cloth. Repeat the same procedure to the second nostril of the nose. Then after use, wash the nozzle with warm soapy water and then sterilize, together with the teats and bottles, or washed with an antiseptic liquid will recommend your pharmacist. Keep in a place not accessible to children because some parts of the product may be swallowed.

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