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It reduces the wait time of falling asleep and offers a calm and relaxing sleep.

The justsleep® is the first and only formulation that contains the ideal combination of Melatonin 1mg to 200 mg 200mg Valerian & Hops and put an end to the excruciating problem of insomnia. The justsleep® through dosage form, which allows the gradual release of ingredients helps in cases of sleep disorders, and contributes to a calm and lasting sleep.
The justsleep® contains Melatonin pharmaceutical standards and clinically proven released with similar rhythms by melatonin the body and helps in fast falling asleep. The Valerian and Hops extracts act synergistically and provide a natural sleep without interruptions. Also justsleep® it is useful in cases of daily stress, occasional tensions and to address tzetlangk. No side effects, not addictive and hangover.
Without added sugar.
It does not contain lactose and gluten.
No. Known. EOF: 45 544 / 01.06.2016

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